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What are Age-Friendly Environments?

December 19, 2014

The Age-Friendly Environment (AFE) INNOVNet project has released a brochure explaining what is involved in becoming an Age-Friendly Environment.

Ageing Well in Wales is proud to be part of the European AFE INNOVNet project and regularly contributes to their work. 

Their new brochure explains what an Age-friendly environments is, and why it is so important for European countries, cities, regions and communities to become more age-friendly.

As part of the brochure, AFE INNOVNet have chosen various case studies from across Europe as best practise examples of the eight domains that contribute to an age-friendly city or community (for more information on these domains see the Age-Friendly Communities page of our website). They have selected the Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA) as a best practice example of Respect and Social inclusion.

 You can read the brochure here and more about the AFE INNOVNet project at their website: